Get medicines with a click, Online Pharmacy

It could not be easier, ordering prescription drugs online with a few clicks away, having them delivered to your doorstep, without even visiting the doctor every time. Conventional store pharmacies are slowly moving onto supplying medicines ordered online which is a boon for many senior citizens and people who are heavily dependent on medicines every day. Running to the pharmacy in the middle of the night is the last thing is an absolute nightmare for new moms for whom e-pharmacies are just the right place to get all the required medicines quickly.

How did it all start?

Somewhere during the late 90's when parts of the world where revolutionized by the internet, e-commerce space started its baby steps and is now a fully fledged industry, shopping for medicines too started gaining momentum and sounded very easy to place orders for medicines with prescription online and get it shipped and delivered quickly. A search engine data gives approximately 25 million hits on the web for an online pharmacy.

Doctors often have a link up with e-pharmacies and issue prescribed medicines to patients only with a payment of one time fees for the consultation, prescription and price of medicines covered. In the UK alone more than 2 million people regularly order for their medicines through the e-pharmacies, the main reason being:

The price point which is a major factor for many patients who need their daily dose of medicines.

Huge savings while ordering from online when compared to going to the pharmacy stores.

Delivery at the doorstep without going around shopping for essential drugs. Understanding the concept of online pharmacies Indirectly healing people is what a drugstore does with the help of medical practitioners, who are standalone catering the needs of the ill to get well. Retail pharmacies have to often understand the underlying needs of the patients to keep themselves in the ever-changing market space.

Pharmaceutical industry alone contributes a major chunk of revenue to countries growth and advancement. Medical health is the prime focus now and still it a sector which requires continuous overhauling due to the very perishable nature of substance being dealt with. Setting up a legitimate online pharmacy may sound simple; however, it comes with a set of challenges in itself. Build it and they will come is how online pharmacies are perceived, yet the completion is fierce and steps involved to set up are:

Shopping for a website

Setting up the website


Online marketing



The internet-based vendor sells the medicines to both legitimate and illegitimate pharmacies, an individual can place the order on their website, who procure it through a centralized order processing system, partner with a delivering agent, who trace the zip code of the person who have placed the order for medicines and deliver it at their doorstep. The major bait for customers is the lower price of the medicines ordered online, as the e-pharmacies have a reduced procurement cost which is passed on to the customers.

Is it safe to order medicines online? Buying cheaper medicines from e-pharmacies has always been a topic of discussion, mixed reviews and anonymity of the person placing the order poses some challenges for many to foray into this medium of getting their stock of drugs. Technology has reached a point where no longer it is unsafe for people to buy their stock of medical supplies from online pharmacies like Medicine Direct which are legitimate and certified by the General Practitioners Council in the UK.

Checkpoints while ordering medicines online: An extremely low priced drug could be sourced out the parent country and may not be certified by GPhc, be aware of the fact that it's too good to be true may turn out to be something fishy with the medic itself. Ensure the medicines have a pharmacist, toll-free number to clear any doubts about the medicine pack. A look up in the website about the pharmacists about the medicine ordered has a license from the country it is sold, it should be registered and

Any medicines ordered online should be from a website should have a dot. The pharmacy at the end of the web address, as they are legitimate sites can use that domain.

The medical fraternity is bracing up for ensuring safe medicines are delivered to customers as they are monitored online with the help of cookies to collect vital information about the visitors to the website, for any warning signals they perceive, to protect the people from consuming counterfeit and adulterated medicine.